The Francis Street Photographer Film Still

The Francis Street Photographer

The Francis Street Photographer/ 52 mins/ 2020   This TV documentary shows a unique collection of stunning, original photographs, and outlines a fascinating social history and celebration of people and places from the photographer John Walsh’s life’s works. More info ››
Reality Baby Film Still

Reality Baby

Reality Baby/ 12 mins/ 2018 A group of friends are given lifelike baby dolls to care for as part of a sexual health programme. More info ››
My Trans Life Film Still

My Trans Life

My Trans Life/ 2 x 52 mins/ 2018 Filmed over the course of two years, My Trans Life offers an intimate portrait of the lives of five young transgender people on their journey to transition. More info ››
Seventh Son Film Still

Seventh Son

Seventh Son / 13 Minutes / 2014 Since ancient times the seventh son has been said to posess great magic, they are healers, in tune with animals, nature and all living things. More info ››
Broken Song Film Still

Broken Song

Broken Song / 70 mins / 2013. Broken Song: GI, Costello and Willa Lee are street poets, hip-hop artists and songwriters from north Dublin. For these young men self-expression in the form of poetry, rap and song has become a spiritual experience. More info ››
Alia Film Still


Alia  / 15 mins  / 2012 Alia is an Afghan-Irish girl torn between two lives. When her secret relationship with an Irish boy comes to her sister’s attention it forces the family to make a decision that could ultimately tear it apart. 8262E4CDDE 2014127 615 leaf sized Alia Laurels More info ››
 Downpour Film Still


Downpour / 4 mins / 2011. This short film is a celebration of Irish rain. A bride-to-be recalls pivotal moments in her relationship, that all took place in a shower a drizzle or a downpour. More info ››
Blue Rinse Film Still

Blue Rinse

Blue Rinse/ 11 mins/ 2010. Some find solace on a therapist's couch, in a pew or on a bar stool, but as this delightful look at a Dublin hair salon that caters to a senior clientele proves, there may be no better spot to find a willing ear than in a stylist's chair. More info ››