My Trans Life


Nicky Manning

Luke O'Reilly Kane

Lily Kelly

Jamie O'Herlihy

Dylan Clarke


Director/Camera: Matt Leigh

Producer/Writer: Nodlag Houlihan

Series Producer/Casting: Yvonne Kinsella

Editor: Breege Rowley

Music: Michael Fleming

Opening Sequence Filmed by Narayan Van Maele

My Trans Life/ 2 x 52 mins/ 2018

Filmed over the course of two years, My Trans Life offers an intimate portrait of the lives of five young transgender people on their journey to transition.

In July 2015 Irish citizens were given the right to change their legal gender based on self-identification alone, without medical or state intervention, making Ireland a global leader in trans-rights and one of just five countries in the world that has legislation based on self-determination.

This legal recognition gave many Irish transgender people the courage to publicly come out and live as the gender they identify with.

Today, at least one per cent of the population or some 46,000 people, experience some form of gender variance.

My Trans Life documents the progress the trans community have made in recent years, as well as the struggles they are still engaged in for acceptance and understanding.

My Trans Life is a co-production between Zucca Films and That's a Wrap TV. It was part-funded by the BAI and was first broadcast on RTE2 in May 2018.

PE2018 Nominated for 72dpi